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Jon Davison returns to Circomedia with a masterclass that brings together ways of clowning with circus techniques, from juggling to aerial.

How can one be both a stupid, incompetent clown and at the same time remain focused on the high level of discipline demanded by one’s technique?

Jon Davison is a clown performer, teacher, director, researcher, writer and musician with 30 years experience. He has dedicated much of his teaching to the question of how to create clown material using individual skills, from circus to dance and music. Co-founder in 1993 of Companyia d’Idiotes, he has toured festivals, theatres, tents, streets and bars throughout Europe from Sicily to the Arctic. He trained at the École Philippe Gaulier and Fool Time Circus School (now Circomedia).

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This course is suitable for anyone interested in exploring clowning, with a minimum level in at least one circus technique.

Address: Studio 2, at Circomedia: Kingswood, Kingswood Foundation, Britannia Road, Kingswood, BS15 8DB.

Large car park available.