Hyena by Alula

THU 1 MAR, 7.30pm,  £12/10, Early Bird £8*, Age 7+

*Early Bird tickets are only available until January 15th by using the promo code EARLYBIRD

"She is the one who turns like a great wheel. She is the maker of cycles. She is the one we leave home for and come home to. She is the mucky root of all women."

The first all female Cyr troupe, Alula's debut Hyena explodes onto the UK circus scene in a whirlwind of women, wheels, acrobatics and song.

Featuring synchronised spinning on a single wheel - Hyena is the culmination of three years' research into pioneering new ways of working with one of Circus' fastest evolving disciplines. 

Boisterous and wild, Hyena is a synchronised display of sisterhood, strength and power.

"This is my tribe and this is our song. Welcome to our world!"

Supported by Arts Council England & Jacksons Lane and Produced by Alula Cyr