Circomedia students Amy Guayo, Eleanor Charlotte Jarvis and Oli Di were on BBC Breakfast this morning to talk about how they've been working with Kids on the Green at Grenfell Tower.

You can watch the interview on the BBC iPlayer.

Here's a message from Amy about how you can get involved.

Off Road Circus is still Looking for volunteers.

As most of us know a massive community movement has started at the aftermath of the devastating fire of the Grenfell tower. It has come together as a response to the lack of support for the people of Grenfell and Latimer Road. Here a wonderful grassroots organisation called Kids on the Green was set up to offer a safe space to provide relief and support to the survivors and victims affected by the fire. Here Off Road Circus Project and Kids on the green alongside all of the volunteers involved have run activities everyday for almost three weeks now.

The idea is to have a safe place for children to play whilst parents can seek support therapy by the professionals on site.

The Activities range from Circus to arts and crafts, face painting, sports, Hula hooping, music, dance and so much more, alongside the invaluable work of support workers and therapists.

All of it has been run by the power of volunteers who have donated their time and money to make this happen.
Thanks to the generosity of Aim to Fly UK , Serenity haven, Albert and Friends Circus and other volunteers we have been able to organize Circus days equipped with tight wire and Aerial workshops that have been incredibly popular with the children and have brought many smiles.

As time goes by and we are hoping to make this project grow bigger and stronger together alongside all the families and children who can find some relief through what we do.

I here would be very grateful for any shares or volunteers to support our cause.

Much love to all and keep standing strong as people united we can never be divided.

You can find out more on their Facebook page.

Image credit: Off Road Circus Facebook page