We want to do everything we can to help you put together a fantastic application to join us at Circomedia. That’s why we’ve designed this handy guide to help you craft the perfect personal statement and prepare for your audition.

The admin

The application process for entry onto our courses is split into two. First you must complete a written application:
•    For the Foundation Degree, this is done through UCAS
•    For our vocational courses, you will need to apply online through the website

If your written application is successful you’ll be invited for an audition/workshop day at our Kingswood site. Students who live in Europe are strongly encouraged to visit Circomedia for their interview and audition. International students can submit a video audition. 

Writing your personal statement

The most important thing to do when writing your personal statement is to tailor it to us.

If you are applying to other theatre schools – or even to do a completely different degree such as maths or history – as well as Circomedia, it’s tempting to copy and paste your statement and send it our way. Please don’t! When we read your statement, we want to see that you are passionate about being part of Circomedia. We want to see your interest in circus and performance shine through.

To do this, you need to tell us:

 Why you are interested in circus and physical theatre
•    What your experience is – be it in the formal classroom or extra-curricular learning
•    Why you want to do our course over any other
•    What you believe Circomedia can offer you as a performer…
•    …and what you think you can offer us
•    Where you think our course will take you – in your career or into further academic study
•    You might also want to tell us about shows you’ve seen and loved

Although we accept applications until 1st June, we would recommend getting your application in as soon as possible. Those of you applying through UCAS to more than one university will still be bound by the UCAS deadline 15 January 2017, 18:00. Places are limited for auditions and the course. We recruit throughout the year and after every audition, not all at the end of the auditions. Therefore, we advise applying early.

The audition

Auditions allow us to meet you in person and get an idea of your fitness levels and performance style. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get a feel for Circomedia and what you can expect when you start training here. The audition day can include any or all of the following:

•    Warm up
•    Games session
•    Conditioning session
•    Acro session
•    Aerial session
•    Juggling session
•    Creative movement session
•    Performance session
•    Q&A session
•    Individual audition piece (maximum of 3 minutes long)

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