BTEC student Jess Howard graduated from Circomedia to go and train at one of the world's most prestigious circus schools - L'Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal.

We spoke to Jess about life at Circomedia and her plans for the future. 

When did you start your circus training? 

I trained and competed nationally and internationally as an acrobatic gymnast for 10 years. I started circus properly last September at Circomedia when I joined the BTEC course.

What do you enjoy about training with Circomedia?

The opportunities to learn new disciplines and use all the equipment, and also the support that everyone; students, staff and teachers give. I enjoy being able to practise what I love and also excel at things I find harder and am new to.

What’s been the highlight of studying here?

The highlight of studying at Circomedia has been being able to learn so many new skills and even excel at some!

What are your plans for Montreal?

My plan for Montreal is to study hand to hand with a partner who I met and practised with at my audition in Paris. I want to train there, develop as a performer, before graduating and then hopefully touring our act or tour with/join a circus company. 

What will training with Montreal mean for your circus practice and career? 

As it's one of the best circus schools in the world, I'm hoping it will give me some of the best coaching and training, and also amazing performance opportunities for when I graduate. I'm hoping it will give me a good chance at having a successful circus career. I plan to specialise in hand to hand (partner acro).

If you could send one message to students hoping to join Circomedia, what would it be? 

It's a great place to study and the opportunities it provides are endless! 

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