Circomedia has teamed up with Harbour Festival, Worthing Summer of Circus, and Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence to produce two performances of a harness piece, to be performed on the 21st July in Bristol and on the 12th August in Worthing.

On Friday 21 July at 6pm, Circomedia students Elissa, Natasha, Kat, Beth, Asami, Elise and Lois will perform on the harbourside cranes as part of Bristol's annual habourside festival. Circomedia student Kelsey Bell is also part of the team. The piece is devised by Kate Lawrence.

A host of angels are coming to earth in Bristol Harbour. They have been dropping their wings so they can float down. They have been watching us from above, silently, invisibly, guarding and caring for us. Now they wish to come down and meet us. Once they have landed, you won’t recognize them, they look just like us. But you can witness their descent to earth at a special time… 6pm, 21st July. They have chosen the MShed as their landing site, via Crane 32. 

Inspired by Wim Wenders 1987 film, Wings of Desire, ‘Host’ is a new creation for 7 Circomedia students, choreographed by Kate Lawrence (VDKL). Imagine seeing your town/city from above… this is what the angels see.  They track our movement like invisible guardians, with genuine concern for our well-being. They can do anything and go anywhere, but the only way they can come down to earth and become visible is if they give up their wings so they can pass for human.