Static trapeze is a great introduction to the world of aerial circus. It’s also a high-level performance discipline in its own right. We offer complete beginners the chance to try trapeze for the first time, as well as advanced classes for those of you who have practised this elegant and intense skill before.Read more

Aerial hoop

Interacting with a hoop in the air offers all sorts of opportunities for beautiful and elegant performance, as well as strengthening your core. It’s a great way into the world of aerial skills. Whether this is your first time in the air, or you’ve had plenty of hoop practise before, we have the right level class for you.Read more

Rope and silks

On this class, you’ll get the chance to learn two different skills: rope (or corde lisse) and silks. These visually stunning disciplines are both excellent ways to develop your aerial ability and build your confidence in the air. Although some experience in aerial is always an advantage, this class is designed for complete beginners to feel able to have a go and develop their strength and balance.Read more

Flying trapeze

This is your chance to discover the most dramatic aerial circus skill: flying trapeze. At our spectacular venue in St Pauls Church, you’ll learn to fly on the UK’s only full-sized indoor Grand Volant rig outside of London. Our flying classes are designed for all abilities to have a go - so are you ready to take to the skies?Read more


Our acrobatics classes are so versatile. They give you a chance to improve your balance, fitness, body-control, and acrobatic technique in a playful and supportive setting. All of these skills are vital for circus performance, meaning that our acro classes give you a great base from which to explore other circus disciplines later on.Read more


Silks is a visually stunning discipline that combines elegance and grace with core strength. Training on silks is an excellent way to develop your aerial skills and build your confidence in the air.Read more

Drop ins

Unlike our more formal classes, our drop-in sessions are led by you. A teacher will be present, but they are there to facilitate your training as you develop your own skills and push your own practice forward. Your teacher will be on hand to supervise more difficult tricks and answer any questions.Read more

Mixed aerial

Mixed aerial is your chance to discover trapeze, ropes, silks and hoop.Read more

Doubles trapeze

In this class you will learn the basics of Doubles Trapeze.Read more