Dr Bim Mason

Co-founder of Circomedia, Bim has been a professional performer and director since 1978.Read more

Rod Laver

Working across TV, circus, cabaret and variety all over the world, Rod has earned a well-deserved reputation for being one of the Europe’s most entertaining jugglers.Read more

Sebastien Valade

Sebastien’s background was in science, but after he came to Circomedia to study juggling and physical theatre he never looked back and his passion for circus has only kept growing since.Read more

Mike Wright

Before becoming an aerialist, Mike trained in Cape Town as a classical ballet dancer.Read more

Jonathan Priest

Jonathan’s career started in the cabaret, stand-up and live art scene in London.Read more

Mish Weaver

Mish started her career as an artist, before falling in love with teaching aerial in the early 1990s.Read more

Janine Mahon

Janine graduated from Circomedia and went on to form the UK’s only tipping hoop duo with her performance partner Helina Griffiths.Read more

Lisa Whitmore

Lisa’s studied acrobatics and aerial here at Circomedia, as well as gaining her Teacher Training Certificate with us.Read more

Dannick Chollet

Dannick and his sister Marianne both trained together at the National Institute of Circus Arts under the expert tutelage of Moscow State’s Vasily Ivanov.Read more

Lex Rooney

Lex trained as a dancer, specialising in European Dance Theatre practice. She’s taught at all levels of education, from universities to primary schools to youth projects.Read more

Mark Parfitt

Mark started his career in the fitness industry - training as a sports therapist and fitness instructor.Read more

Rachel Pollard

Having graduated from Circomedia, Rachel teamed up with Sebastien Valade to form Green Eyed Zero, a company that brings together physical theatre, contemporary circus and digital media.Read more

Matt Pang

After graduating from Circomedia, Matt became the artistic director of PanGottic, an award-winning circus theatre company who have performed in countries as diverse as Holland, Latvia, Italy, Israel and South Korea.Read more

Catherine Boot

Catherine trained in European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College, and subsequently worked as an actor for nine years, before coming to Circomedia between 2011-2013 to learn about integrating circus and physical theatre as a director.Read more

Kate Webb

Kate trained with both the Laban Centre and Circomedia. Her impressive performance credits include Skinning the Cat, Roughhouse Theatre Company, and Cirque Bijou.Read more

Piers Shearman

Piers started his career training in aerial at Circomedia, before travelling to South America where he spent several years working in Columbia with social circus.Read more

Gabby Parker

Gabby trained in Paris with renowned coach Ryzard Zaplata where she specialised in hand to hand.Read more

Jacky Crosher

Jacky is a circus performer and theatre maker. She specialises in teaching all aspects of aerial, as well as acrobatics and various juggling skills.Read more