What happens when voices and possibilities are opened up and the dialogue between different bodies and different stories is given space to unfold? Find out in both these abstract and personal pieces of work. Read more


WED 13 Sept - SAT 16 Sept 8pm, £14/£12 Abbi and Helen are making a show about Man and men. They want to talk about masculinity and patriarchy but the words that exist aren’t good enough, so there’s music and dance too. It’s loud and raucous.Read more


THU 21 Sept - 7.30PM, £12/£10 Dust is a one hour promenade circus show suitable for a family audience. Enter a surreal monochrome world where puppetry meets with mysterious circus performers.Read more


FRI 6 OCT & SAT 7 OCT 7:30pm, £12/£8, 12+ A tale you think you know unravels and explodes. Fagin’s Twist is the untold story of a notorious and complex villain. It imagines Fagin’s youth, driven by greed and ambition in the face of overwhelming poverty. Read more

Circus City Festival

Thu 12 OCT - SUN 29 OCT Bristol’s biennial circus festival is back this October with a packed programme of over 50 events taking place in more than 15 locations across our city.Read more


THU 12 - SAT 14 OCT, 8pm, £13/£9, 2pm on 14th, 8+ Fauna is a tapestry of unique skills and exceptional movement - witness the performers shapeshift as they embody the primal drives of the animal kingdom.Read more

As a Tiger In The Jungle

SUN 15 - MON 16 OCT, £12/£8, 8PM, 12+ Using spoken word, movement and ceremony, two performers from Kathmandu and one from Vietnam ask questions about life, love, poverty and greed.Read more

Yablochkov Candle

Enter the velvet world of cabaret in 1920s Vienna for an evening of poetic jazz and aerial performance infused with the smoky tones of French chansons and old school rock ‘n’ roll.Read more


WED 25 - SAT 28TH OCT, 11AM & 2PM, £9, 4+ Around is a fun, tender show about the life of a circus troupe as they overcome hardship through collaboration and cooperation. A drum machine roars, buckets are banged and the vivid sound of an acoustic guitar joins the buzzing of a baritone ukulele in an ‘80s inspired soundtrack created especially for performance.Read more


THU 9 - FRI 10 NOV, 7:30PM, £14/£11, 8+ Integrating exciting acrobatic skills with athletic dance in an energetic and thought-provoking performance that explores our obsessive dependence with technologRead more


THU 16 - FRI 17 NOV, 7:30pm, After murdering his brother, in cold blood, we meet Cain living out his life exiled from his homeland. Afflicted by his memories and haunted by figures from the past, Cain must retrace his steps back to Eden in pursuit of answers.Read more


THU 23 NOV, 7:30pm, £3, 12+ TESTING GROUND is a chance for dancers and choreographers to show you some new ideas. Each dance artist or company will present a short extract of a show they are currently working on. Read more