The Taming Of The Shrew

FRI 16 Feb - SAT 24 Feb. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School aim to bring you a production that will radically alter your view in this subversive but enlightening masterpiece by the young Shakespeare.Read more


The first all-female Cyr troupe, Alula's debut Hyena explodes onto the UK circus scene in a whirlwind of wheels, acrobatics and song. Boisterous and wild, Hyena is a synchronised display of sisterhood, strength and power.Read more

Launch Day

Friday 2nd March - 7.30PM. Launch Day is a celebration of the working class and shipbuilding in all its industrial glory. Kelly-Abbott Dance Theatre crafts exciting and powerful movement, combined with an enchanting soundtrack featuring music by Mark Knopfler and Irish composer Breifne Holohan.Read more

Negative Space

MARCH Thursday 8th, Friday 9th and Saturday 10th - 7.30pm. Reckless Sleeper is a group of 13 artists from different creative practices who have been creating contemporary theatre projects for over 20 years. Bristol is one of the few places where we continue to be invited back to. Read more

Best of Be Festival

Thursday 15th & 16th March, 7:30pm. BE FESTIVAL is Birmingham’s international festival of performing arts and we’re delighted to present highlights from it again in collaboration with Circomedia. Read more

BEST OF BE WORKSHOP - What Does Stuff Do?

Robin trained for three years at Bristol’s Circomedia as a juggler, comedian and writer. This workshop explores basic manipulation with juggling balls, water, and ping pong bats. You will learn techniques for developing vocabulary and devising with objects through group exercises that examine the use of written notation as a creative toolRead more


BEST OF BE WORKSHOP. Kulunka Teatro - Playing Masks In this workshop, participants will have a chance to explore the theatre of mime and the art of mask. The goal is to approach the most essential aspects of mask language and overcome the difficulties of telling a story with no words.Read more

Island by Circomedia BTEC Students

Saturday 17th March. 7:30pm Island is presented by the first year students on Circomedia’s Btec in Contemporary Circus with Physical Performance. Using aerial, acrobatics, juggling and physical theatre, this will be their first time presenting devised work to a live audience.Read more

Head by John Paul Zaccarini

For nine years John-Paul Zaccarini delighted audiences worldwide with Company FZ’s show Throat. It wasn’t very deep. Now a Professor in Circus, he’s back and delighted to give you Head. Read more

Egg by Paper Doll Militia

Thursday 19th April. 7:30pm. Egg is an original aerial theatre production that explores female fertility, sexuality and choice. It’s based on a true story about a woman who gave her eggs to a friend to have a child, highlighting themes of choice, chance, science and mortality. Read more