A Thousand Faces

Thursday 7th March
7.30pm, £14/£11, 8+
Portland Square

A heresy to burn a book, but acceptable to burn a woman…

A bold dance-theatre that features Amina Khayyam collaborating European mime and physical theatre movements with Kathak’s intricate and detailed theatrical gestures of abhinaya (technique of communication), A THOUSAND FACES explores imagery of Bollywood beauty and Hollywood glamour of the objectification of women in indiscriminate abuse and violence, particularly acid attacks.

Abhinaya is part of Kathak that is often paid less attention to in its current progression within a neo-classical approach.  However, Amina Khayyam, renowned for her abhinaya, develops new approaches by bringing influence of European experimental forms of mime theatre movement to give the piece a unique and innovative treatment highlighting the contemporary condition.

“A powerful hard-hitting emotional production that had integrity, honesty and reality at its core” – BBC


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