Beginners’ Silks | Portland Square | Mondays

Our beginners’ silks Monday class is ideal for building confidence in the air. You will learn basic holds and locks, as well as practicing climbing the silks and building up strength to progress to more advanced moves. Some experience in static trapeze or another aerial discipline would be an advantage but is not a necessity, and tutors are happy to support complete newcomers to aerial circus.


St Paul’s Church, Portland Square, Bristol BS2 8SJ


Mondays 20:00 – 21:00


Mon 8 Jan – 5 Feb (5 weeks £32.50)

Mon 26 Feb – 19 Mar (4 weeks £26)

Mon 9 Apr – 14 May (6 weeks £39)

Mon 11 Jun – 9 Jul (5 weeks (£32.50)


You can also try out silks alongside other aerial disciplines in our Mixed Aerial classes!

For more information email Robin or Mia at or call 01179 247 615

Phone booking is also available (£1 admin fee) Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm


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