Egg by Paper Doll Militia

THU 19 APR 7:30pm
Only Restricted View tickets available (£10)

Egg is an original aerial theatre production that explores female fertility, sexuality and choice. It’s based on a true story about a women who gave her eggs to a friend to have a child, highlighting themes of choice, chance, science and mortality.

Paper Doll Militia’s production brings carefully crafted aerial acrobatics across an entire PVC plastic set with visual projections to envelop the internal workings of a woman during this period of time. From the physical distortion created from hormones and the emotional displacement egg donation entails, Egg delves into the complexities of both the legal and ethical implications of surrendering the rights to your genetically linked child.

The whole story is set to a live music soundscape with double bass, electric bass and assortment of experimental instruments such as plastic and balloon to supplement the ever-present synthetic nature of the story and set.

We now only have restricted view tickets available to purchase (£10). Please be aware when booking that you may have a limited view of the stage area. If you have any questions please call our Box Office on 0117 924 7615.

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