Intermediate & Advanced Flying | Portland Square | Full Flying Days

Held on our Full Flying days, Intermediate & Advanced Flying is designed for students who are cleared to swing out of lines, are comfortable working on the platform without belt holds, and are working on several tricks and return catches.

If you’ve been flying for a while with Circomedia and have mastered the above, this is a session which will really allow you to push yourself and step your flying up a notch. The session gives ample time to get in lots of swings and our tutors will support you as you challenge yourself.

Please note that students who have not been cleared to swing out of lines by a Circomedia  member of staff may be asked to demonstrate a basic swing in lines first. This is firstly because Flying Trapeze rigs can vary in size and length, and students should feel comfortable with the new dimensions before flying out of lines. Secondly, so that our tutors can assess your skill level and ensure your safety to swing and take off unassisted.

If you’re not sure whether you’re ready for this class yet get in touch with Jono at, or consider our Beginners’ & Improvers’ Flying class.


St Paul’s Church, Portland Square, Bristol BS2 8SJ



Dates & Times

Sat 14 Dec 2019 (earlier time of 16:30 – 19:00)

Sat 11 Jan 2020

Sat 1 Feb 2020

Sat 14 Mar 2020

Sun 19 Apr 2020 (onsale from Fri 6 Mar, 8pm)

More dates coming soon!

For more information email Mia or Jono at or call 01179 247 615 (Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm).

Phone booking is also available (£1 admin fee) Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm.

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