Launch Day by Kelly Abbott Dance Theatre

Thursday 12 July, 7:30 pm

Tickets £12/£10, ages 11+

Launch Day is a celebration of the working class and shipbuilding in all its industrial glory. Inspired by the paintings of artist Alexander Millar.

Kelly-Abbott Dance Theatre crafts exciting and powerful movement, combined with an enchanting soundtrack featuring music by Mark Knopfler and Irish composer Breifne Holohan.

Launch Day brings to life Millar’s iconic characters – the ‘Gadgies’ and British shipyard workers socially and at work.

It will delight anyone with a passion for the industrial history of the UK, celebrating the rich culture of the country’s past and present. Co-commissioned by Dance City and Queen’s Hall Hexham.

LAUNCH DAY – Trailer from Kristin Kelly Abbott on Vimeo.

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