Natasha came from a gymnastics background before joining our BTEC. She then went to continue her studies at Rotterdam's CodArts School.

What was your background before joining Circomedia?

I trained as an artistic gymnast so when I joined Circomedia I had no circus experience at all. My background was very much about performance and gymnastics.

What’s it been like studying the BTEC with us?

I wanted to develop from a gymnast to explore performance - to get more creative and develop as a creative physical performer. When I arrived at Circomedia I hadn’t done circus before but it didn’t matter because there’s this attitude that it’s up to you to explore and experiment. Nothing you do is wrong, it’s all really open. Circomedia has really helped me develop as a performer as a result.

What have you specialised in?

I specialised in aerial straps and will pursue this in Rotterdam.

What are you hoping for at CodArts?

I’m hoping to get to a really high-skill level and really increase my performance quality. It’ll be a springboard to work with really good companies and launch my professional career.

What message would you send to someone hoping to apply to join Circomedia on the BTEC course?

There’s something for everyone here. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done circus before because whatever you do you’ll be supported to explore your creativity.

Want to follow in Natasha’s footsteps?

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