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Professional Diploma (Level 4)

September 2016 - July 2017



Circomedia's Professional Diploma (level 4) is a one year full time intensive training course of around 35 timetabled hours a week. In many respects this course mirrors the first year of the two year Foundation Degree course however it requires no written work.

As this course does not have a formal accrediting partner students shall receive a certificate from Circomedia upon graduation.



Course Overview

This one year full-time course aims to develop the student as a rounded performer. Although this is an intensive training course the emphasis is on breadth rather than intense specialisation. It aims to expose students to a wide range of disciplines and styles and incorporates circus, dance, theatre, cabaret and outdoor theatre.

With a grounding in physical technique and skill it also explores the various cultural, historical and social contexts in which these disciplines sit. The course will also teach students some of the technical, practical and logistical elements of working professionally as a performer, managing, staging and promoting their own work.

'A very supportive atmosphere with helpful and motivating teachers.'
Professional Diploma graduate



Fees & Funding

Tuition fees WITHOUT aerial specialisation: £5,670
Tuition fees WITH aerial specialisation: £6,910

These courses are privately run and therefore are not eligible for student loan finance. However it is possible to secure a Career Development loan. Please contact us for more information info [ @ ] or visit Career Development Loan website (



Entry Requirements

Those applying for the one year Professional Diploma (level 4):

Places are offered on individual merit and after audition. Video auditions can be submitted from outside of Europe.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between taking Circomedia’s Foundation Degree and Professional Diploma?
The main difference is that this course lasts a year rather than two. However the professional Diploma is essentially the first year of the Foundation Degree and the two are taught alongside one another. The other main difference is that the professional diploma does not require any written work and does not have a formal accrediting partner, this means students receive a certificate from Circomedia upon graduation.

Who is the one year Professional Diploma (level 4) most suited to?
This course is mostly suited to those students who may have been working professionally in the industry already and would like to gain a recognised qualification. It is also better for those people who may already have a degree in a related field or may not be able to commit to a two year course because of funding, work or family commitments.

Does Circomedia provide accommodation for those studying on its one year Professional Diploma?
If your application and audition are successful, and once you have accepted a place, you shall be sent a trusted accommodation list and put in contact with other prospective students to allow you to organise your accommodation.

What should I say in an application?
The forms ask all the usual questions – name, age, contact details, educational &/or work experiences/ achievements, personal interests and so on. It’s also important that you address all points set out in the entry requirements. But you will find that we’re less picky than most about formal qualifications, perfect spelling or past accolades. What we really want is a sense of who you are now and what you dream of becoming.

What happens during an audition day?
Audition Days are usually held in March, June and August (for admission in September of the same year). They start at 9am and end at 6pm. Participants are given a tour of the campus, introduced to the training team and take part in aerial, performance and equilibristic and manipulation workshops. Everyone gets plenty of time to ask questions. The day finishes with a short interview, and individual presentations to the interview panel of a pre-prepared three-minute audition piece.

How should I prepare for an audition day?
Our letters of invitation explain the day in detail and come with background information about how to get to Circomedia and so on. The pack also contains guidelines for the preparation of an audition piece (including how ask for specialist equipment to be made available). Basically, though, you will have 3-minutes in which to convince the panel that you belong at Circomedia. The piece doesn’t have to feature circus skills; it just needs to demonstrate that you have a passion for performance and an eagerness to grow.