Power by Strong Lady

Thu 23 – Sat 25 Sep 2021
7.30pm (doors open 7pm)
St Paul’s Church, Portland Square, BS2 8SJ
Tickets £13/£10

POWER is a solo theatre show commissioned by The Lowry + Lawrence Batley Theatres and created and performed by Strong Lady Charmaine Childs, combining circus physicality, voice-over soundtrack, and storytelling to create an optimistic, uplifting, funny, physical and at times moving experience.

POWER was born from interviews Charmaine recorded with real people, about their experiences of feeling powerful. These people’s stories are the heart of the work – told with a mix of verbal storytelling and voice over recordings from interviews that are woven into the soundtrack. Their stories intersect with the autobiography of a Strong Lady wrestling with uncertainty. Initially striving to feel powerful, by being invincible and in control – the show finds its way to accepting the mess of uncertainty and finding strength in the places where we wobble. Trading invincibility for resilience, it celebrates the power we have: to choose the next step through the mess. The aim is that audiences leave the show energised and hopeful, considering the story of power they would tell if I interviewed them, or better yet, to start telling it.

“a relevant, timely piece exploring perceptions of strength and power… Compassionate, moving and funny” – Charlotte Mooney, Ockham’s Razor

“touching, tragic and true… subject matter about ordinary people, told through extraordinary skill. ” – Joyce Henderson, Complicite

Booking Information

Seating is unallocated and is on a first-come, first-served basis. We will be selling to 50% our usual capacity. Please book for the number of seats you require for your full group. This can be between 1 – 6 seats.

Arrive early to allow for longer queuing times and to give you plenty of time to order drinks before the show!

For booking queries, email boxoffice@circomedia.com

Power Creation Trailer from Strong Lady Productions on Vimeo.

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