Professional Diploma

Develop as a performer on our private courses

If you want to receive the high-quality training of our Foundation degree but aren’t looking for an accredited qualification then our one-year Professional Diploma or three-month Introductory Certificate courses are for you.

An intensive training experience, you will have the chance to study a wide range of disciplines and styles, including circus, dance, theatre, cabaret, and street performance. You may also explore the various cultural, historical and social contexts of circus and physical theatre.

“A very supportive atmosphere with helpful and motivating teachers”

-Jo Smith, Professional Diploma graduate

Get to know the Professional Diploma and Introductory Certificate

Hopefully, the following information will answer most of your questions about studying the Professional Diploma or Introductory Certificate with us. However, if you have any more questions, please drop us an email on

What will you study?

Our Level 4 Professional Diploma is a one-year course for students aged 18+. The course aims to develop you as a well-rounded performer, giving you the opportunity to practice a range of circus disciplines. As a result, our focus is on breadth rather than encouraging you to specialise. You’ll also learn about the technical, practical and logistical elements of life as a professional circus performer, including managing and promoting your own work.

We can accept students from all around the world onto our Professional Diploma. You will train alongside our Foundation degree students and attend all the same classes, apart from seminars, and you don’t need to do any of the written work.

If you successfully complete your first year, you may be invited to join the Level 5 Professional Diploma, which mirrors the second year of the Foundation degree. The Level 5 course is designed for students who have already completed some training or have a high level of professional circus experience. You’ll have the chance to expand your repertoire, and learn to create new work for new markets and settings.

For applicants looking for something not so long term, we offer the Introductory Certificate. This three-month course is the perfect introduction to contemporary circus and physical theatre. It follows the first term of the Professional Diploma and will provide a comprehensive grounding in the basic skills and practices. All Introductory Certificate students can apply to ‘top up’ to the Professional Diploma if they’d like to stay for a full year.

What do you need?

To apply for the Level 4 Professional Diploma or Introductory Certificate, you’ll need to possess a good grasp of spoken and written English, demonstrate that you have the self-discipline to pursue a tough physical training regime, and show prior experience in circus, dance, gymnastics, theatre or high-energy sport.

For the Level 5 course, you will be expected to have completed the Level 4 Professional Diploma or demonstrate equivalent knowledge or training.

How much does it cost?

Tuition fees WITHOUT aerial specialisation: £6,500

Tuition fees WITH aerial specialisation: £7,700

Introductory Certificate: £2,700

Please note that since these are private, unaccredited courses, Student Finance England (or similar) will not provide a loan for tuition fees or maintenance. You can apply for a Career Development Loan to fund your studies.

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