When Shana started learning circus arts on her own on in the mid-90s in suburban America the only discipline accessible to her was juggling, so when she came to Circomedia in 1995 at the age of 19 and was exposed to aerial, equilibristics and acrobatics she felt like a whole new world had opened up. She loved the physical and mental challenge of it all. Having never considered herself an athlete she found being able to do pull-ups the most empowering thing she'd ever experienced. When Shana returned to the States to work as a freelance trapeze and tightwire artist and teacher she never forgot that feeling of empowerment and worked hard to give her students the same experience.

By 2008 she had founded the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts which became one of the largest recreational circus schools in America and where she is still the Artistic Director. This year (2017) she fulfilled a lifelong dream and opened the Circadium School of Contemporary Circus, delivering the very first three-year, diploma granting higher education programme for circus anywhere in the U.S.

She says that Bim Mason still remains a mentor for her and that she modeled Circadium partly after Circomedia, as it combines circus with physical theatre. By sheer coincidence, Circadium is also housed in an old church! Circomedia is honoured to have been such an influence and we hope the two institutions can find a way to collaborate sometime in the future.