Specialist Session: Chinese Pole

Circomedia is proud to announce our new Specialist Sessions! These 2 hour taster sessions present an opportunity to try out and learn new skills in disciplines that we don’t regularly have on offer.

Our Chinese Pole specialist session is suitable for beginner to intermediate practitioners. Chinese pole is an acrobatic circus discipline that tests your strength, endurance and flexibility but brings you to new heights and death-defying drops.
The session is aimed at beginners but anyone with previous experience is also welcome as our tutor will differentiate to whatever ability level you are at.

In this session you’ll learn to:
-climb and descend the pole
-invert in various ways
-grip with different body parts

You’ll also learn a bit about more complex moves and partner moves, as well as learning about proper technique including warm-ups and cool downs.

What to Wear
Please bring:
Leggings and long sleeve top (preferably one that you don’t care too much about)
Jeans (ones with 10% elastane are best but anything you can still move in)
Soft, flat-soled, flexible shoes such as plimsoles

About Rachel:
Rachel lives and works in Bristol for Circomedia, teaching the acrobatics programme for children and adults. She is one of the teachers on the foundation degree in contemporary circus. From a background in gymnastics and dance Rachel then went into circus and studied in 2011-13 at Circomedia herself, specialising in acrobatics and in particular Chinese pole. She has performed Pole in a variety of shows around the country and taught at many events and festivals including Bestival, Play and Bristol Swing Convention. She went on to take part in the Masters in Directing Circus last year as well as set up her own classes in performance acrobatics.

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