Strength & Skill Classes

Our Strength & Skill classes are more like traditional fitness classes, but instead of simply offering a workout they are designed to specifically upskill our students for circus disciplines.

Classes focus on specific areas of the body that are used in acrobatics and/or aerial skills. Tutors teach tailored exercises designed to help with circus skills through improving strength, resilience, flexibility and mobility.

Students may also sometimes use aerial equipment, such as trapeze, to do specific exercises or practice specific areas of a discipline that are difficult (please note that due to current Covid-19 restrictions, most exercises will be ground-based).

Classes Update: December 2020
While Bristol remains in Tier 3 Covid-19 restrictions, we are sadly not able to run classes. Our planned block of classes in January – February 2021 will not currently be going ahead. For this reason there are currently no class blocks onsale or confirmed dates. If restrictions are eased, we may be able to offer some classes during these months – we will update you as soon as possible.

Available Classes (click for more info)

Flex & Stretch (All levels) | Mondays | 20:00 | Portland Sq

Strength & Skill (All levels) | Wednesdays | 19:45 | Kingswood

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