Stroke Odysseys by Rosetta Life

Friday 16th November

Tickets £17/ £15

This new production by award-winning choreographer Ben Duke and composer Orlando Gough are commissioned by Rosetta Life – a charity that changes the way we perceive the frail and disabled. A daring movement and song project performed by an ensemble of stroke survivors Stroke Odysseys explored intertwined journeys of recovery from stroke and asks how we ever recover from brain injury or how we remember who we are.

Rosetta Life is an organisation that uses the arts in health innovation and has been working for three years on the Stroke Odysseys project to help people living with the debilitating long-term effects of a stroke or brain injury.

The project is a partnership between health professionals and artists to help those with an altered capacity to move, speak and express themselves. Often the participants are suffering from severe depression or anxiety: Stroke Odysseys helps them to recover their identities and find purpose again. There are around 100,000 strokes in the UK each year.

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