This is What My Day Looks Like

This is What My Day Looks Like is a peek into our lives. What have we been doing for the past few months? Years? Have we been labouring away? What have we laboured for? Have we felt productive? Have we been joyful? Is work killing us?

This show created by George Fuller on the MA in Directing Circus invites you to stroll with your social bubble for just over an hour. Along the way you glimpse what’s really been going on inside. This is a new circus show for a socially distanced world by the maker of George Orange and Mary Bijou Cabaret. Everyone should bring their phone, headphones and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Please only purchase 1 ticket £10 per one social bubble. (1-8 people)

Maximum 30 social bubbles available

When booking please enter how many you would like to buy 1-8 people based on how many people you will be going with . This will be £10 for the whole group but we encourage pay what you feel on the night as making circus is expensive and money raised goes towards the artist and production of more work.

IMPORTANT: Once you have booked you will receive an email with instructions about the secret location and how to find it. Please read this and complete the instructions.

Show approximate length of the show. 75 minutes

Cardiff 10th August 19:30 

Bristol 26th August 19:00

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