Presented by Circomedia

Thursday 20th October 2022
St Paul’s Church, BS2 8SJ
Ages 16+
May contain swearing, loud noises, flashing lights

2h30 including interval & audience discussions 

VOLT is Bristol’s long-running circus scratch night, welcoming emerging circus creators to the stage to share their works in progress. Watch, discover, and feed back! 

Established in 2013 in partnership with Ausform, VOLT is now produced by Circomedia and takes place twice a year at our professional St Paul’s venue. We receive applications from artists at various stages in their careers, working across a range of disciplines and artistic formats, but all working on exciting new work. Five acts are chosen by a panel of industry professionals to present their work to a warm and welcoming audience, receive feedback on their pieces, and showcase their skills to the wider circus community. 

VOLT is a unique opportunity for the audience to be part of the circus artist’s process: you’ll have the chance to take part in live discussions with the artists, and offer written feedback as well. You’ll also get to see a huge variety of circus-based work spanning the traditional and peculiar, the serious and comedic, solo pieces, duets, and ensembles, all packed into one evening!

The seating configuration for our performances is flexible, but as standard, our main seating area is raked. The front rows are level and accessible, and aisle seats are available. Please get in touch to reserve seats in these rows if required.

Please note that seating in our Gallery is accessed via a flight of stairs and is not accessible for audience members who may find stairs difficult or impractical.

Wheelchair and Step-Free Entrance
We have ramped access to our auditorium and level access to our toilets. If you require a wheelchair space or step-free access to your seat in our auditorium then please let us know in advance of the performance. Simply give us a call on 0117 924 7615 or email boxoffice@circomedia.com.

Wheelchair and step-free access can be found at our side entrance. We use What 3 Words to give you an exact location on a map. Follow the link below to find this entrance.

Side Entrance Exact Location: https://what3words.com/mostly.ledge.chop

Main Entrance: Stepped Access

For performances, our main double doors serve as the principle entrance. This entrance consists of three steps up to the Box Office foyer, and three further steps up to the main building. We use What 3 Words to give you an exact location on a map. Follow the link below to find this entrance.

Main Entrance Exact Location: https://what3words.com/total.offer.native

VOLT 2022 Line Up
(in alphabetical order)

My Babushka
Aniya Savage

Aniya sobbed at the piano writing My Babushka – a song about the grief of missing her grandmother. The piece has been transposed to the harp, accompanied by Emmy Broughton, giving Aniya’s hands back to climb around the aerial hoop whilst singing! It speaks of longing and hope.

VOLT Autumn 2022

Matt Mulligan

Humans have been making rituals for as long as they have had landscapes to make them in. From solstice-making to forest-bathing, from campfires to funeral pyres.

A ritual might remind us there’s more in the space between the words than the words themselves.

A ritual might be a re-membering, a re-centering, a re-grounding.
A ritual might call us back to what we’ve been forgetting.

A ritual might be just what we need.
FOLK is an atmospheric early sketch of a new piece, rooted in reflections on ritual & land. Fusing dance-acrobatics, song & strings.

VOLT Autumn 2022

Monkey Business
Naomi Takezoe

Naomi is a dancer and aerialist originally from West Dorset. Her playful and elegant style is drawn from her diverse training, combining elements from latin and contemporary dance as well as gymnastics, modern circus and a lifetime love of the natural world.


Her new performance, ‘Monkey Business’, is an upbeat and dynamic show about the wild side of human nature and our relationships with the other creatures who roam this world.

VOLT Autumn 2022

The Cultivation of Wisdom
Ruby Burgess

Inspired by the styles of bouffon and surrealism, Ruby is exploring grotesque aspects of the human experience. Using static trapeze, disjointed text and abstract costume, she hopes to create a dreamlike piece of comedic circus theatre. ‘The cultivation of wisdom’ is an extract from what she hopes to develop into a solo show.

VOLT Autumn 2022

Valentina Solari-Vodanovic

Valentina is seriously silly foot-juggler who is having a bad hair day.

On stage and ready, suddenly something seems to be off…It is her ponytail which is determined to steal the limelight taking centre stage right across her face! There is nothing left to do, but to make the most of it, in the best way that a juggling-clown could. Through tangles, tricks and battling through split ends come witness the valiant effort of woman against the betrayal of her very own hairstyle.

VOLT Autumn 2022

Jen Hebden & Will Huddy
VOLT Compères

We are delighted to welcome former VOLT participants Jen & Will to the stage again, this time as your hosts for the evening!

Jen is a circus performer, nerd and unintentional clown who would love to find out what makes you, our fabulous audience, laugh, tick and gasp. Current obsessions include trees, lifting people up and the history of philosophy. Prepare to be baffled!

Will is still relatively new to the performance world, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in charm and confidence. An avid story teller and a relentless nerd, Will prides himself on being a circus performer who loves to talk on stage – seriously, just try and shut him up.
VOLT Autumn 2022 comperes2