Circomedia and Circus City

Thu 7 Oct, 7.30pm

Age recommendation 16+

Circomedia Portland Square
2hr 30 mins including postshow discussion


Whether you have a longstanding investment in the contemporary circus scene or you can’t remember the last time you saw a juggler, your perspectives are crucial to the development of the work.

VOLT is a unique opportunity to be part of the circus artist’s process whilst getting to see a huge variety of work incorporating circus, from the traditional to the peculiar, serious to comedic all packed into one evening.

The VOLT 2021 Line Up (in alphabetical order)

VOLT 2021 Diane Bernier

Super Dropper
Diane Bernier

Super Dropper is a comedy juggling act about dropping. It is the story of a woman who loves a good drop and finds in juggling a home for her passion. She sees lots of opportunities in failure and hopes juggling will save the world.

Currently training at Circomedia, Diane is an aerialist and a juggler who plays with words and images. She loves to write stories and create funny characters inspired by her circus journey.

VOLT 2021 Liz Atherton

The Cycle
Liz Atherton

From 14 years old Liz wanted to run away and join the circus. Last year, when everything stopped, she had to re-evaluate her dreams of the circus. So, she joined her sister on the front lines of Covid and became a carer.

Opening her eyes to the hidden world of domestic elderly care work, she hopes to open your eyes to this hidden world too. Join Liz as she tells the ups and downs of her lockdown through her physical theatre and circus skills.

Untitled Piece
Jennifer Hebden

Jen is a trapeze artist and clown who just for once wants to keep her hands firmly on the ground.

Having freshly graduated from the Professional Diploma at Circomedia, Jen likes to shift perspectives and create dialogue around controversial issues using humour, hand-balance and sneaky things she doesn’t want to tell you about.

Maybe she can change your mind about something, even if you don’t know what that something is yet.

It’s Knot What You Think
Michelle Savage & Will Dukes

Presenting an insight to what we describe as the art of trusting and being trusted.

When you think of acro, you might think strength and power, when you imagine Shibari you might see restraint or control. At the epicentre of both lies a deep connection built on communication.

‘It’s knot what you think’ is a fusion of partner acrobatics and the ancient Japanese art of Shibari to accentuate the empowerment of letting go of control, while being held and surrendering into true synergy.

VOLT 2021 Tamar Fynn

Tamar Fynn & Thorne Bailey

Presenting innovative and refreshing skills, Thorne and Tamar have come together to explore the collaboration of cyr wheel and juggling. Where timing and coordination matter the most, their trust and reliance are tested. A dynamic duo finding their place on stage with a piece about opening up to each other as two young men.

Booking Your Ticket

Seating is unallocated and is on a first-come, first-served basis. We will be selling to 50% capacity with Single Seats, Double Seats and Four Seats available.

Please be aware all of our 6 seaters have sold out so please don’t select this option when booking.

Arrive early to allow for longer queuing times and to give you plenty of time to order drinks before the show!

For booking queries, email boxoffice@circomedia.com.

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