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Training with Circomedia can take you in all sort of exciting directions as a circus and theatre performer.

You can go on to further circus education – studying at BTEC, Foundation Degree, BA and MA level with us, or move on to one of the many exciting and innovative circus schools in Europe and beyond. Our students have gone on to train with schools as diverse as Cirkus Cirkor, DOCH, Lecoq, Gaulier, and the NCAA. Others have graduated to join companies which include NoFit State and Cirque du Soleil or set up their own companies such as Green Eyed Zero and Ockham’s Razor. Many of our students also pursue solo careers, such as Al Seed and Matt Pang.

Training with Circomedia will give you the physical and emotional strength to move into a career as a freelance circus and physical theatre performer. Our alumni have used this strength to perform in cabaret, for corporate gigs, and in touring circuses. Some have even taken their skills to bring creativity to some of the world’s most vulnerable children, teaming up with Circus Without Borders and Fan-Atticks. Many of our own former students now teach on our courses.

However, studying with Circomedia can lead to a whole range of other careers. You can take the skills you learn with us and apply them to further theatre training – developing as a professional actor, dancer or comedian.

Alongside your physical training, you’ll learn about arts marketing, IT, events organisation and promotion. These skills will help set you up for a career in the arts – and our educational focus on self-reliance, teamwork and project management will provide you with a good basis for any career you decide to pursue.

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