Difficulty: Hard

Safety Warning: The moves in Standing in Hands Part 2 are difficult because it features advanced tricks. Make sure you warm up first and use a clear, open space so that you have plenty of room. You should make sure you are practicing with an appropriate partner to avoid injury.

Rowan and Aimee are back with their ‘Standing in Hands Part 2’ acro tutorial. If you haven’t done the first video yet click here because it covers everything you need to know going forward.

Diving straight back in Rowan demonstrates how you can smoothly press your flyer directly into a long arm hold. Make sure you have a spotter with you to make sure you can practice safely.

Starting from elbows down position, the flyer leans back slightly as the base pushes up through their body. This subtle lean gives the base momentum to extend their arms and allows them to push the flyer into the correct position.

Rowan then offers some more conditioning exercises to help you become more comfortable as both a base or flyer. The flyer does squats in the bases hands to practice keeping their legs close together.

Once you’ve got the hang of these exercises you can move on to short arm transfers. This is where the flyer balances all their weight in just one of the bases hands.

Rowan and Aimee will give you several tips and exercises on how to ensure you do this safely and with correct technique.

To finish why not try the half twist step in and out. Starting facing towards your base, flyer steps up into the bases hand, with a twist allowing the base to pivot their elbow and realign the flyer to standing in hands.

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