Our Story

For over 30 years, Circomedia has provided a space where students and performers can explore the possibilities of circus and physical theatre to devise innovative and boundary-pushing work.

We started out as the UK’s first fulltime circus school, Fooltime, becoming Circomedia in 1994. Since then we have attracted students from all over the world. Our students are driven by their determination to combine circus skills with physical theatre and creativity.

“Circomedia is a place that inspires you and challenges you to create diverse work.”

– Iona Stewart, BA graduate 2018

When it comes to our approach to education, we believe that minds and personalities need developing as much as physical fitness. That’s why we nurture our students to take an imaginative and innovative approach to training. We encourage all our students to devise original and creative work that challenges and inspires.

What do we mean by physical theatre?

Physical theatre is about imagination and play. It uses the body as a means of expression – the raw material through which you make theatre. Through your body’s physicality, you can express emotion or ideas that can’t be summed up with words or dialogue. In physical theatre, you have the chance to bring together what is normally kept apart: popular and esoteric; physical and cerebral; high and low art; local and global; play and structure.

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