Report a Safeguarding Issue

Anonymously Report a Safeguarding Issue

The safety and welfare of children – also known as safeguarding – is everyone’s business. You could be a parent, relative, neighbour, friend, or you may work for any organisation which has contact with children and young people such as teacher or doctor.

Safeguarding means helping children to grow up into confident, healthy and happy adults. It also means protecting children from physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect. Most children generally enjoy a happy childhood experiences within their own family. 

This page has a button at the top which allows you, whatever your role in a child’s life  (child means any young person under the age of 18)  to report a safeguarding concern about a student at Circomedia.

You can remain anonymous if you wish or you can give us your name. We may ask you for more information, if we do and you have opted to remain anonymous- this will continue whilst we ask and receive answers to questions.

Please use this reporting facility if you have concerns about a child studying with us.  We will investigate and follow up all reports.

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