Mixed Aerial Class

Mixed aerial is a class for those who wish to learn the very basics, or for those who want to recap the basics again.  It is ideal for those who may not be used to physical classes, or want to build the confidence to start with a beginners’ group.

About the class

The start of the class will be a warm-up, which is a mix of cardiovascular and mobility exercises. To help build strength and confidence the tutor will lead the class in some strength and conditioning exercises, on the ground or on the equipment.

Once everyone is warm the tutor will teach a range of basic movements or sequences on a mix of aerial equipment. You might try a different piece of equipment each week, or a couple of complimentary disciplines in one class, but over the course of the class block you’ll try trapeze, hoop, silks and rope.

Before the end of the class the tutor will lead a short stretching routine that varies week to week depending what muscle groups might have been used most by the sequences learnt that lesson.

For bookings, please see the bottom of this page. We run classes throughout the year. Dates for the next block of classes will be announced on the website, before the end of the current block.

Mixed Aerial Classes


Terms & Conditions

Bookings may only be amended or cancelled up to a week before a block starts – after this, we can’t offer transfers or refunds as standard. We are not able to offer full or part refunds for classes missed due to illness, injury, or self-isolation – please bear this in mind when booking.

How To Book

Select the first date of the block below – please make sure you are selecting the correct day for the class that you want – to book for the entire block.

For queries, please email classes@circomedia.com.