Silks & Rope

Aerial Silks & Rope are two complimentary visually stunning disciplines, and are both excellent ways to develop your aerial ability and build your confidence in the air.

Aerial silks uses two hanging strips of fabric – climb, twist, suspend yourself into elegant poses, practice drops and swings – the possibilities are endless. It’s a highly skilled discipline great for building core and general muscle strength, as well as flexibility and agility.

Aerial rope (also known as ‘corde lisse’) is a lesser-known but highly elegant performance form similar in technique to silks, combining the dramatic poses of acrobatics with gymnastic ‘drops’ and movement in the air.

We offer classes in silks alone, and in joint rope and silks classes.

Although some experience in aerial is always an advantage, we have classes designed for complete beginners. Tutors will support each student to work at their own pace and develop their skills at a comfortable rate.

Venue: Portland Square & Kingswood
Days: Mon, Tue, Wed

Covid-19 Update 

We are delighted to be restarting our Adult Classes programme from 21 September 2020! 

We’re running a reduced programme of open-level groundbased classes and improver-level aerial classes.

We cannot currently offer beginners’ classes for safety reasons. Students with some experience who are comfortable practising or learning tricks without hands-on support are welcome to book onto our Improvers’ classes.

Our ground-based classes are still open to new students and are a great way to learn new skills and build your strength and flexibility!  

Available Classes

Click on a link below to find out more and book on.

Every student should carefully read our Covid-Secure Policies & Procedures before booking. 

Intermediate Rope (OR bring your own Silks) | Portland Square | Monday | 20:00

Improvers’ Silks | Portland Square | Tuesday | 20:00

Improvers’ Silks | Kingswood | Wednesday | 19:45

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