Supporting Artists

We provide opportunities for residencies, rehearsal and training space and mentoring. These are available to alumni and also to artists who didn’t train at Circomedia, but who share our principles of the artist as creator, combining artforms and using the body to convey meaning.

Our professional membership scheme also gives us a brilliant opportunity to use our space to practise and devise work when studios are available.

If you have a work-in-progress that you would like to share or premiere, then we can help you with peer-to-peer performance opportunities or by adding your high-profile show to our professional performance programme. To find out more, get in touch at

We want to make sure Circomedia, our students and our alumni are pushing the boundaries of circus and physical theatre. That’s why we support them wherever we can and are part of the discussions and debates that are transforming the performing arts.

Artist Advice

Here at Circomedia, we have years and years of shared knowledge between us that can help inspire you to take the next leap forward with your performance career. If you need advice or support, then we want to help you. It might be you have questions about how to pitch your work to a scratch night, or need some guidance on the best ways to get funding. Perhaps you want to take a look at audition opportunities or want to publicise your own shows and workshops. Whatever advice you need, we want to help you, so get in touch at

Development Space

If you’re a performer looking for rehearsal or research and development space, you can hire one of our four studios in Kingswood. Each studio offers a range of equipment and rigging possibilities which you can discuss with us. Our FdA, BA and MA students learn and practise at our Kingswood site, and we also host a number of artists and companies here as part of our artist support work.

If you’re interested in creating new work and need space, then we have some capacity to offer support in kind. It would be great to collaborate with you. Get in touch at


Do you need physical and emotional space to devise new work or conduct research and development? We offer residencies to both associate artists and companies – giving you the opportunity to create and push boundaries with your practice.

To find out if our residency programme is right for you, get in touch at

Artist Mentoring

We want to inspire the next generation of circus performers and provide support for emerging companies looking for performance opportunities. Through our mentoring programme, Circomedia has a role to play in promoting the transformational possibilities of circus and physical theatre.

To find out more about how our mentoring opportunities can benefit your creative practice, get in touch at If you are interested in mentoring the next generation of circus performers, then our residency programme might be right for you. We regularly post information about auditions, funding, grants and mentoring on our notices blog.

At Circomedia, we want everyone to fulfill their creative potential. We want to make sure that our local, national and international community can participate in circus, theatre, and the arts. That’s why we work with community and arts partners to develop projects bringing circus, physical theatre and dance to people that may not otherwise have the opportunity to access it. Together, we can make sure that circus and physical theatre is accessible to everyone.