Our adult acrobatics classes combine acrobatics, tumbling and fitness. They give you a chance to improve your balance, strength, body control and acrobatic technique in a playful and supportive setting. These skills are vital for circus performance; our acro classes give you a great base from which to explore other circus disciplines later on.

Our Tuesday and Sunday classes offer structured training in acrobatics and are ideal for beginners or improvers. You will learn proper technique and safe practice, as well as conditioning and strengthening exercises.

Our Wednesday drop-in sessions are less formal and are self-led. A tutor is on-hand, but participants generally further their own practice independently. Beginners may benefit from formal classes first in order to gain confidence in practising alone.

Venue: Portland Square

Days: Tuesdays, Sundays, Wednesdays (drop-in only)

Level: Complete beginners – advanced

Skills: Strength, agility, tumbling, balancing, core

Acrobatics | Portland Square | Tuesday | 20:00

Acrobatics | Portland Square | Sunday | 19:30

Acrobatics Drop-in | Portland Square | Wednesday | 19:30

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