Flying Trapeze

Our Flying Trapeze classes offer you the chance to discover this most dramatic aerial circus skill. At our spectacular venue in St Paul’s Church you’ll learn to fly on the only indoor full-sized rig in the UK!

We have regular mixed ability sessions and weekend tasters, as well as our Full Flying Days: on certain Saturdays and Bank Holidays in the Spring, we have a full day of sessions for different ability levels, tasters, and sessions for under 18s!

If you think it might be helpful to build some strength and foundation skills before leaping from the platform, try our static trapeze or doubles trapeze classes first.

We are currently running Outdoor Flying Trapeze classes at Circomedia Kingswood:

Beginners’ Outdoor Flying | Aug 2019 | Kingswood

Improvers’ Outdoor Flying | Aug 2019 | Kingswood

Under 18s Outdoor Flying | Aug 2019 | Kingswood

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