Flying Trapeze

Our Flying Trapeze classes offer you the chance to discover this most dramatic aerial circus skill. At our spectacular venue in St Paul’s Church you’ll learn to fly on one of only two full-sized indoor fly rigs in the UK.

Classes are designed for all abilities to have a go and include taster sessions, beginner sessions and regular evening classes.

Our tutors are experts in their field and take great care to ensure that all participants feel safe and confident as they learn. There will be more teachers present than in a regular aerial class to help with unfamiliar equipment and to assist with moves and tricks.

If you think it might be helpful to build some strength and foundation skills before leaping from the platform, try our static trapeze or doubles trapeze classes first.

Venue: Portland Square

Days: Regular classes Tue, Sun (but keep an eye out for special sessions/events)

Level: All abilities

Skills: Flying trapeze

In the summer, we also offer outdoor flying trapeze at our Kingswood venue – keep an eye out nearer the time for dates!

Regular Flying | Portland Square | Tuesdays | 19:00

Flying Trapeze Half-Day Sessions | Portland Square | Sundays | 14:30

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