Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Make sure you have plenty of space, especially if your cartwheels aren’t 100% controlled. Always get somebody to help you to prevent injury or accidents!

In Three Move Flow, Rae shows you how to transition between three moves to create a brilliant acro sequence!

Start with a basic cartwheel, but instead of coming to your feet bend a knee so that you can easily lower to a casual sitting position. Sitting on the ground with one knee bent, wrap the other leg around you. This allows you to swivel up to standing without using your hands! Instead, push your feet into the ground firmly and untwist your body.

When you’ve got the hang of this, practice reversing the motion to go back to sitting. When you’re back on the ground, keep the leg that’s bent firmly rooted to the ground with the sole of your foot. Flick the other leg round behind you in a fast movement to allow you to spring up. You’ll turn as you spring to standing, arriving in a dynamic pose!

Join all three movements together to create your final Three Move Flow – cartwheel to sitting, spin up and down again, then twist-leap to standing.

Now, practice performing with acro flair!

You can learn more acro moves to string together by using the ‘Acro’ tag on the Home Edition page here.