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MA Open Day

Want to make new and exciting work in the fastest developing performance artform? Our Masters Degree (MA) in Directing Circus (MADC) may be just what you’re looking for! We’re looking for ‘makers’ of circus – people who are interested to make circus happen in all kinds of contexts, to speak new tricks to established audiences, or to reach new crowds with this energetic and poetic artform.

The MA Open Day will run from 1pm – 2pm and will feature a presentation by course leader Dr Jonathan Priest, who holds a PhD in Circus Choreography. You will also hear from Moira Hunt, one of our module leaders and physical theatre practitioners. Refreshments will be provided and you will have the chance to ask any questions that you may have about our MA.

Want to find out more about our MA in Directing Circus? Take a look here.

Open Day Details

Next date: Friday 14 June 2024, 1pm – 2pm

In person at: Circomedia Academy, The Kingswood Foundation Estate, Britannia Road, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 8DB


Online! We would recommend coming along in person but if you aren’t able to make it, you can join us online. You still need to book your space so that we can send you a Teams link.

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Travel & Parking

If you are driving, there is free parking available on the Kingswood Foundation Estate, or on the nearby streets if the car park is full.

To join the MA Open Day virtually

1) Contact for the password

2) On the day, visit this page – there will be a link for you to click

3) Enter the meeting ID and password we have shared with you via email

We look forward to meeting you!

An aerial artist in an animal mask holds themselves up on a rope with their legs in box splits

Who is our MA for?

The course is open to potential makers of circus work, and we are not prescriptive in what forms a ‘good’ director of circus. There are always logistical challenges – we need space and time for circus to breathe, and this is also a financial question – but the field needs new work, and the course is designed to push you into new areas of making circus.

MAKING is the key word here and, rather than focus on established ideas of what a director should ‘look like’, the course is designed to allow for new encounters between a singular voice, an ensemble, and an audience.

It may be that you are a director who has mainly worked with dance or theatre, or visual arts, and want to deepen your work in an exciting new area. It may be that you are currently still a performer who wants to research how better to make work with others when your vision for circus is centralised as a proposal or provocation. It may be that you are a member of a circus ensemble or company who wants to likewise deepen their ability and voice within that existing group.

Currently, the industry is home to many new companies, collectives, and ensembles, all with different desires to utilise circus ‘play’, physicality and forms to challenge the normative practices of making work. The course is open to those who may already be embedded in a company and who want to invest in a deep research dive into the practices of directing, curating and organising the production of new circus work at a professional level. Regardless of whether you intend to set up your group as a growing business or if you wish to engage with the current available funding streams, this MA will better prepare you to make work that is grounded in rigorous, logistically aware research practices and is also hopefully more aware of the discourses that influence and enclose the practices that might inform your future work.

You may wish to continue with your own performance practice in the work that you make, and you may even be certain that this personal practice forms an integral part of your creative intentions. You may be a graduate of a BA course in circus, still enjoying your circus practice but looking to deepen your activity as an author of physical work.

So, it may be that you have no intention of hanging up your hat as a performer. The point about the MA in directing is that we do not exclude performers from directing work in which they themselves are performing. You are welcome to explore the challenges and potentialities of being a circus body within an ensemble that you are leading. Performing in the pieces that you make only requires you to rationalise the complexities of being included in that which you are directing. This can be done with our support, and there plenty of examples of performer/directors in a range of fields. In many ways it makes sense that researching through your practice to source directorial means should place you within the performance itself.

Whether this be in the explicit role of narrator, raconteur, ring mistress or master, clown, stand-up, host, presenter, lecturer or public speaker in whatever role or mode of characterisation you choose to adopt, or, alternatively, whether you are a more embedded member of the company who is interested to more discreetly devise, organise, interpret, and lead the work, this course can accommodate your creativity.

What do you gain by studying our MA in Directing Circus?

1. You will be given a wide range of tools and approaches that can be used as is or adapted to express your own interests. This toolbox varies from practical devising to research methodologies, as well as a grounding in their original context and application in the arts.

2. You will be able to apply these tools to an existing field in which more and more solo and ensemble practitioners are needing help with making work for new and existing audiences

3. The academic rigour of the course will give you the critical edge in shaping your own approaches to funding for making work and for research and development. This ability to artistically rationalise funding proposals and be included as a qualified director on such proposals makes you an attractive addition to most companies’ financial bids.

4. You will be given access to space, equipment, and available bodies (both current students and alumni, as well as the possibility to work with your own networks whilst on the course, bringing new artists into our spaces).

5. You will be able to showcase your MA work to the public at our in-house venue in Portland Square.

6. All of our alumni have secured professional work during and after the course.

The field is growing, with new work being made all over Europe. These works need directors, outside-eyes, dramaturges, choreographers…

Come to our Open Day to learn more about how you can become a maker of circus.

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