If your application is approved then you will be invited to send us a virtual audition or attend an in-person audition, depending on which course you have applied for and when.  

Full information will be in the email you receive but if you have any questions or need any support with your audition, please get in touch 

If you are requested to submit a video audition, please remember we are not looking at your ability to use a camera, just the content of what you send. 

If you have been contacted by us and need to pay for your audition (FDA, BA & Vocational Only) and fill out our audition questionnaires, these can be found here.

BTEC Virtual Auditions 2024/25

For applicants looking to start in September 2024 we will be holding virtual auditions, which will include an interview via Zoom. Offers will be made after your audition. 

BTEC Virtual Auditions involve the following: 

1) Please send us a video of a short performance/movement piece of your choice, lasting a maximum of three minutes. You should concentrate on your strengths. Creativity and the ability to perform are as important as technical skills, and please have fun with it! Circus, dance, a monologue – whatever best shows off your performance skills. Audition pieces are only watched by members of staff. 

You may be lucky enough to have a performance or video that was not necessarily for your audition that you can send. 

2) During the interview we will discuss a few pre-set questions we send you in advance, giving you time to prepare your answers. 

3) Complete a written task of at least 200 words on a chosen subject, emailed to you in advance.  

Foundation Degree / Vocational Auditions 2024/25

The next FDA and Vocational audition is an in-person audition based at our Kingswood campus in Bristol.  

Next Audition: Monday 8 July 2024

The auditions are planned to be in person, but we would recommend all applicants collect any footage of practice or performances in case of injury, etc.

What to expect

1) Workshop sessions in movement, physical theatre, aerial, juggling and acrobatics.

2) A twenty-minute interview.

3) A fitness test.

4) A written reflective task.

5) To perform a two-minute audition piece you have prepared prior to the audition.

What is being assessed?

1) The fitness test is assessing your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility.

2) The performance piece is assessed on creativity, performance skills and your current skill level.

3) The written reflection will assess your personal reflection skills.


There is no cut-off stage during our auditions.

All auditionees will attend the full audition.

We will notify applicants after the auditions via email as soon as a decision has been made.

How to prepare

1) Devise and practise your two-minute audition piece. Film it if you can in case your audition becomes ‘virtual’ for any reason.

2) Fitness – focus on your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility.

3) Don’t forget to book accommodation and travel sooner rather than later.

Your Audition Piece

1) This will be performed in front of the panel and other auditionees.

2) A maximum of two minutes long.

3) Performance- and/or movement- based work.

4) Concentrate on your strengths.

5) Creativity and the ability to perform are just as important as skills, so you should not worry if you do not have any circus skills already. Monologues, songs, dance and comedy acts are all welcome.

6) If your audition piece is acro-based, you may audition with an acrobatics partner. Please notify us if they are also auditioning or just present for your audition piece.

The Interview

The twenty-minute interview will be with two staff members who will ask you questions in order to learn more about you, your passions, interests and goals, and establish your suitability for the course. They will also establish your level of commitment, knowledge and understanding of contemporary circus.


If you plan on staying in Bristol before or after your audition, you will need to arrange accommodation. We recommend you organise accommodation with suitable cancellation clauses, such as refunds, no penalty for cancellation or no deposit-pay on arrival. We recommend the same for travel.

Audition Fees

There is a non-refundable audition fee of £60 which we require to reserve your audition place. Payment may be made via our website. If you have been invited to audition then you can pay here: Audition Fee – Circomedia

If you have not yet been asked to audition then please don’t make any payments. 

Circomedia offers a limited number of audition fee waivers for UK applicants who come from areas where participation in Higher Education is traditionally low. This is based on postcode data and then prioritised based on further criteria below. 

You will need to meet all of the following essential criteria to be eligible for a free audition: 

1) You are a current UK resident (including refugee status). 

2) You are applying to an undergraduate programme.

3)  You have no previous degree qualifications. 

4) You have an annual household income of less than £25,000 (pre-tax).

To apply for a Fee Waiver please email to request an application form.