Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Only try this move if you have access to a proper trapeze. Get somebody to spot you and work with a mat underneath. Make sure you are confident with front balance and work through each part slowly at first.

Jono shows you how to do a mini two-part aerial trapeze routine – front balance to half angel. These trapeze moves are both quite straightforward so here you will learn to transition between the two!

First, get into front balance, either by doing a pullover or another way. Once you’re there, make sure the bar is sitting just below your hips and that you feel comfortable and secure in this position.

From here, reach up and place one hand on the rope with your thumb pointing up towards the ceiling. Reach the other hand across your body and place it on the bar with your thumb pointing towards you. These thumb positions are important for having a good grip when you roll over, so make sure you’ve got it right.

When you have a good grip, slowly tip your body onto the diagonal, turning towards the rope that you are holding. Your head will be travelling towards the floor, and your legs will move up towards the rope that is furthest away from your head. The back of your knees should be in contact with this rope. As your legs make contact with the rope, start to twist through your hips.

Keep the rope nice and high on the back of your legs – this will allow you to turn over slowly. As you do, the rope will slowly travel around and down your legs, so that you can eventually hook your feet onto the rope. As you go, slide your hand down the rope so that you can keep lowering yourself.

Flex your feet so that you have a nice firm grip on the rope, and bring your hand off the other rope and stretch it towards the floor. This creates a single mermaid shape. From your mermaid, bring down your top leg and stretch it towards the floor – this creates your half angel shape.

When you’ve been through each move slowly, you can practice transitioning more smoothly. Keep your grip strong and your contact points secure at all times to polish your front balance to half angel!

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