BA Final Major Projects

Join us over three nights to experience this mini-festival of new works, presented by ten graduating students from Circomedia’s degree programme.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see the circus talent of the future perform in a stunning professional venue.

See below for more info on acts and artists. Please read for any content warnings/ age restrictions. If you would like more information on these please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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A straps aerialist hanging in a back bend with the straps wrapped around their arms. The aerialist is wearing a red dress.

Saturday 20th:

Ages: 15+

Lea Sonnhoff: Her Blue Scarf

After many sleepless nights, Nathaniel decides to tell his story so that it may be laid to rest.

The mixture of spoken word and circus creates the atmospheric scenery of an old estate in the misty countryside where his sister resides.

Accompany Nathaniel on his journey as he reconnects with his sister.

A spine chilling story told with the tension of slack rope and an aerial nets tight grip. Using the medium of physical theatre and storytelling a thrilling performance is woven.

Warnings: Horror themes, Jump scares & Loud noises, Haze.

Saturday 20th:

Ages: 15+

Hannah Devlin: Just A Girl

This show involves discussions on sensitive political topics including women’s and LGBTQ+ rights. And if you witness a politician so outlandish they make a clown look serious – don’t be alarmed, they’re just making sure the circus is authentic! Stick around for some smashing objects, because even in politics you need to let off some steam!

Content Warnings: Themes of oppression, Loud Noises & Strong/Explicit Language

Saturday 20th:

Ages: 15+

Pixie: Living on the Borderline

Living on the Borderline is an immersive instillation, contemporary circus and performance art piece reflecting on the highs and lows of living with borderline personality disorder. The fear of abandonment, and loss of identity, and the volatile reactions in response to it are explored through the use of trapeze, dance, acrobatics and physical theatre. This show is a raw and personal look at an incredibly misunderstood illness, without the stigma or romanticism that often surrounds it.

Warnings: Topics of mental health, self harm, substance abuse, references to suicide. Includes partial nudity & flashing lights.

Dates & Times: Friday 12, Friday 19 & Saturday 20 April, 7:30pm
Tickets: £9 full price, £6 concession (including booking fees)
Location: St Paul’s Church, BS2 8SJ

The seating configuration for our performances is flexible, but as standard, our main seating area is raked. The front rows are level and accessible, and aisle seats are available. Please get in touch to reserve seats in these rows are required.

Please note that seating in our Gallery is accessed via a flight of stairs and is not accessible for audience members who may find stairs difficult or impractical.

Wheelchair and step-free access can be found at our side entrance. We use What 3 Words to give you an exact location on a map. Follow the link below to find this entrance.

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Main Entrance: Stepped Access

For performances, our main double doors serve as the principle entrance. This entrance consists of three steps up to the Box Office foyer, and three further steps up to the main building. We use What 3 Words to give you an exact location on a map. Follow the link below to find this entrance.

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Free Tickets for Carers

If you are a dedicated carer accompanying a paying visitor who is disabled, you are eligible for a free ticket (limited to one carer per paying visitor). To book your ticket, please give us a call on 0117 9477288 or email

Circomedia does not issue refunds unless the event is cancelled or postponed to a date on which you are unable to attend.