Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Always ask before repurposing a household object for your circus activities. Luckily, as you’ll be on the floor, you shouldn’t hurt yourself if you fall off, but be careful when balancing on objects that may roll.

Don’t have a tightwire at home? Don’t worry! In Tightwire 1, Rae shows you how to use things from around the home to practise your balance.

Practising your footwork on a flat line is a great way to improve your balance. Rae shows you how to step on to the ‘tightwire’ and move along it slowly, using your upper arms only to balance.

Once you’ve got the hang of your flat objects, try using a slightly thicker round object. This will wobble a little, making balancing harder – just like a real tightwire!

Rae suggests objects like a walking stick, tent pole or hula hoop for Tightwire 1. Can you come up with any more?

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