Falling For Risk – MA Final Major Projects

Falling for Risk is an invitation to attend the Final Major Projects of Circomedia’s graduating Masters students.

The graduating class from our MA course in Directing Circus invites you to attend their final presentations, showcasing three pieces of exciting new work staged over two nights.

There will be work involving extreme physicality, text, the objectification of the subject and subjectification of the object and filmed work. There will be singing and somersaults, all are welcome.

This showcase is made up of 3 performance presentations. Find out more about each below:

Leap of Faith

Do you consider yourself someone who takes risks? What does risk mean to you? Leap Of Faith uses circus and stunt work to interrogate personal and cultural relationships to failure, falling and risk; supported by live vocals and sound to ground the audience in their bodies. Exploring embodied thrills from a place of safety. The show is trauma informed so please read the content warnings below.

Square Eyes

Square Eyes is a journey through the liminal realms of Trickster beings. Using music, movement and media projection, we discover how we can embody our own force for change. Join us at a Crossroads meeting of people who have something to share.


Dionysus is a story of the human need for connection, for otherness, for transcendence whilst we tread the fine line between ecstasy and madness.

Here in the theatre of Dionysus, circus retells the age-old story of worship through rave culture where God is A DJ, music is a gateway to other worlds and the body is a vessel. The primal mystery is itself mad – the matrix of the duality and the unity of disunity.
May your cups runneth over…

A strange distorted image of arms, legs, and bulbus shapes on a bright green background.

Dates & Times: 1st & 2nd of September – 7:30pm
Prices: Full Price £8, Concessions £5
Location: St Paul’s Church, BS2 8SJ
Running time: approx 2 hours 20 mins
Age guide: 16+

Content Warnings:
Height-related Injury, Loud noises, Feathers, Flashing lights, Adult language, Suggestive themes, Themes of Alcohol and Drug use, Clown, Bright lights, Complete darkness, Claustrophobia, Changing smells, Existential themes (politics and climate).

PLEASE NOTE: Saturday evening’s performance of Falling for Risk is now sold out! Remember to book your tickets for the rest of our Autumn Season to avoid disappointment.

The seating configuration for our performances is flexible, but as standard, our main seating area is raked. The front rows are level and accessible, and aisle seats are available. Please get in touch to reserve seats in these rows are required.

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Free Tickets for Carers

If you are a dedicated carer accompanying a paying visitor who is disabled, you are eligible for a free ticket (limited to one carer per paying visitor). To book your ticket, please give us a call on 0117 9477288 or email boxoffice@circomedia.com.

Circomedia does not issue refunds unless the event is cancelled or postponed to a date on which you are unable to attend.