Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Always practice with a crash mat and make sure students are physically spotted by a responsible adult. You should only attempt hammock skills if you have a properly rigged, safe and secure hammock of good quality.

Rachel K shows us a hammock butterfly trick! This visually striking inverted trick is perfect for beginners. It will allow you to get to grips with using the material of the hammock more, and inverting fully to make new shapes.

Once you’re on your hammock, you can spread the material either from seating or standing. You might want to get somebody to help you do this. Then, sit in the hammock with your legs outstretched. Trap the end of the hammock between your feet – cross your feet at the ankle on top of one another to help with this.

Get a good handful of material in each hand and grip tightly as you invert. Bring your legs over your head and push them away from you to flip over. Keep them straight!

You can then play with arching your back, dropping one leg, or bringing a knee forward to change the look of your hammock butterfly.

Spotters can help students by helping their hips get over when inverting.

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