Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: This one’s pretty safe, but keep an eye on flailing arms as you practice this one!

Alan shows you how to take the next step and juggle 3 scarves! If you haven’t watched our Beginners’ Juggling video, you might find it helpful to go back and watch this first. You’ll learn a 2 Scarf pattern here, but Alan will also recap in this video for you.

Once you’re ready for 3 scarves, Alan will teach you how to build up to a cascade pattern in manageable steps. He shows you three patterns, building up the catches in each one, until you can do a full juggle!

Remember, in juggling it’s actually much more important to throw than to catch. So, don’t worry if you drop the scarves whilst you’re learning!

If you don’t have juggling scarves, you can do this trick with any light scarves or handkerchiefs you have. Or, you can use other objects like napkins or even plastic bags!

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