Difficulty: Medium

Safety Warning: Always make sure you’ve got room when juggling, and keep control of the balls so that they don’t hit anything – or anyone – around you!

Tom teaches you one of the most famous juggling tricks, Mills Mess! This three-ball trick uses underarm throws to create a wonderfully weaving effect.

To learn this trick, you’ll need to be comfortable with underarm throws and catches using both hands. Once you’ve got the hang of this, position your hands with wrists crossed and two balls in the upper hand.

You’re going to uncross and recross your hands, so that the ball that is on the top ends up on the bottom. As each hand moves, it’s throwing the ball it’s holding to the other hand. Confused? Don’t worry!

A useful thing to remember is that it’s always the same ball that is thrown underarm, every time. Tom shows you a slowed-down version of the trick, and also uses an onion (yes, an onion) to demonstrate this.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, follow Tom’s performance tips to really bring the trick together. Focus on that weaving motion that makes this trick look so fluid!

You can also try going into Mills Mess from a three-ball cascade with an over the top throw.

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