Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: As always, make sure your juggling balls don’t hit anyone or anything, including yourself!

Today, Tom shows you how to do a juggling neck catch. This is a classic juggling move that looks great in any routine. The premise is simple – throw the ball up, and catch it at the base of your neck – but it may take a bit of practice.

Rather than throwing the ball behind you, throw the ball straight upwards. When you lean forwards, the ball will then come straight back down and land on your neck!

It’s important to look at the ball right until it’s at its highest point before ducking underneath. Throw the ball straight up, and follow it with your eyes until it’s at the highest point. Then, lean forward so that you are under the ball, and it lands on the base of your neck.

When it lands, tilt your head back very slightly and lean forwards a little. This cushions the ball and stops it bouncing off.

Don’t throw the ball too high, or it will hurt when it comes down! Throw to about the height of your own head.

When you’ve mastered the juggling neck catch, add in a cheeky look at the audience and a flourish to finish.

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