MA Research Presentation

Welcome to an evening of work by the Masters students in Directing Circus. The work will be varied, entertaining and thought-provoking. We have three pieces for you: Hobbit presents a work that seeks to sensitise you to the visceral detail of circus arts. Content Warning: this production contains loud noises, flashing lights & depictions of height-related injury. Serena Cafferatta invites you into a space which circus then disrupts and Candice Taylor, our remote student, will show a short film on her research into circus physicality as a form of painting, all while she has been on tour with Tom Duffy’s current show in Ireland.

There will be live bodies, circus tricks, string, wire, eggs, feathers and lots of paint on film. Come and see some circus research!

Dates: Thursday 6th April 2023
Times: Doors at 7:00pm, show at 7.30pm
Prices: £8/£5 (Concessions)
Show Length: TBC
Location: St Paul’s Church, BS2 8SJ
Ages 12+ (May contain swearing and adult themes)

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