MA Research Presentations

Welcome to an evening of work by Circomedia’s Masters students in Directing Circus. The work will be varied, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Each of the four pieces is formed from a specific and different research enquiry. You can scroll down to find out more about each piece and book your tickets.

Come see the future Directors of circus as they present their new and developing pieces in our stunning, specialist circus venue.

This show is strictly for ages 18+.

Please note: This event has now sold out!

Dates & Times: Thursday 4 April, 7:30pm
Tickets: £9 full price, £6 concession (including booking fees)
Location: St Paul’s Church, BS2 8SJ

A crowed gathered in a circle inside a church. A speaker stood next to a small table in the centre of the circle.

Teeth and Toes, directed by Chloe Mantripp

Teeth and Toes is a physical exploration of The Abject, set within a dysfunctional factory of filth and bodily function, inhabited by a trio of bottom feeders in various states of decay. Socio-political circus theatre; This gloriously grimy, anarchic and hilarious performance invites us into a soup-like dystopia, that questions where we tether our disgust in a world where everything’s for sale. Expect aerial howling, obnoxious contortion, hair-raising rigging, and a lot of mess. Performed by Ruby Lestrange, Mike McCallum and Chloe Mantripp. Devised by the cast. Written and Directed by Chloe Mantripp.

Content warnings: Swearing, hair hanging, bodily mutilation, psychological and physical violence. This performance piece is strictly for ages 18+.

Circles of Concentration by Jazz McInerney

Circles of Concentration has been developed by Jazz McInerney as an exploration into the language of hula hoops and metaphors that can be presented and embodied. The simple circle can represent both perfection and chaos and we will takes you on a journey through both. Inspired by geometry, individualism and connection, Jazz began the research module with the question, ‘what is?’ This allowed the creation process to be that of a collaboration of what is present; in our bodies, our words, our shapes, our thoughts and our relations to the space, the hoops and each other.

4 people look down to the camera through the circle of a red hula hoop. They are smiling.

Systems of Notation by Finn Burnett-Pope

Three jugglers: Iona, Jesse and Ieuan and dancer Esme perform a piece created through numbers, symbols and drawings. An exploration in creation through systems of notation and how different systems can interact

The choreography notation created during the researching of this piece allowed for some of the sections of choreography to be translations of paintings or photos into movement and juggling choreography, although far too abstract to identify from watching the piece; the thought and care that goes into balancing the canvas of a painting can also translate well to balancing the space on a stage.

Nexus by Bee Kirkwood

Prepare to embark on a journey of human connection and celebration with “Nexus”. This brand new circus theatre show has been created for the MA in Directing Circus at Circomedia. Using aerial harness, dance and physical theatre, “Nexus” is an exploration of friendship, group dynamics, and the intricate web of relationships that bind us together.

Directed by Bee Kirkwood. Performed by LK Reed, Charlie White, Grace Sheppard.

Three people work on a long trapeze, one standing on it and two holding it from below.

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