Difficulty: All Levels

Safety Warning: In How to make a Rolla Rolla, Alan will be using power tools and saws. To avoid injury this should only be done by an adult or under close adult supervision. Always wear the correct PPE.

Alan is back to demonstrate how you can make your very own Rolla Bolla.  He talks you through what you’ll need and shows you step-by-step what to do.


  • Large Pipe – Alan is using 160mm drainage pipe, but 110mm can be used too.
  • Plank of wood – Alan is using 18mm thick to support the weight of an adult
  • Hacksaw or angle grinder
  • PPE
  • Screws and screw driver or drill
  • Rubber/Kitchen Draw Liner
  • Staple gun or strong glue

First Alan shows you how to measure out your piping so that you have an even line all the way around. Next you will carefully cut a groove around the entire pipe so that you can cut through it safely and evenly.

Next you need cut your board to size. To find out the width needed, measure the shoe size of the biggest feet to use the rolla bolla. Then add a few millimetres either side. For the length you should have a slightly wider stance than your hips.

Once you have cut your board, Alan shows you how to attach ‘stoppers’. These are two off cuts of wood that are screwed on underneath the board to prevent it from rolling off the rolla when practicing.

Finally you can add some rubber to the underneath of the board to give your rolla bolla a better grip. Now all thats left is to try it out but remember to have a spotter. For some basic tricks check out Jono’s rolla bolla tutorial here.

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