Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: Make sure you have plenty of space when hula hooping – remember that they can not only knock things over, but they’ll hurt if you hit yourself or somebody else!

Elly shows you the basics of hand hooping, and teaches you a swapping hands trick to create a hand hoop ‘W’ in the air!

First, start off by learning how to keep the hoop spinning on your hand. Use a right angle hand shape so that your thumb keeps the hoop from slipping further up your arm. Move your whole body up and down to keep the momentum!

Practice catching the hoop and changing direction. Practice on both hands, then learn how to swap hands. Bring your free hand alongside your hooping hand, like you’re clapping your hands together. Then, withdraw your original hand and voila!

When you’ve got the hang of this, you can make a smooth hand hoop ‘W’ shape by doing one spin on each hand before swapping. It looks really cool and is an easy and fun trick to learn!

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