Difficulty: Easy

Safety Warning: As always, make sure you have plenty of space so that you don’t hit anyone or anything with your hula hoop.

Elly shows you how to do a hula hoop elevator skip! Start by placing the hoop on the floor, out to one side of your body. Step your leg into the hoop from the front to the back (if you step in the other way, the trick won’t work).

Next, fold the hoop across your body towards the opposite hip and catch it in your other hand. As you do this, step your second leg into the hoop as well. Next, fold the hoop up over your head and all the way down to the floor. Keep your hand close to your hip and use your wrist to fold the hoop over your head.

Then, jump or step both legs inside the hoop. Lift the hoop up to waist height and push it around to start waist spinning. Your hula hoop elevator skip is complete! You can pull the hoop out to the side to get more momentum, and add a turn to help the hoop spin around your waist and make it look more fancy.

We’ve got lots of different hula hoop trick videos – you could learn more, and create a routine! Tag ‘hula hoop’ or ‘manipulation’ on our Youth Circus Home Edition library page here to find them.